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Think City Electric Car
Think City Electric Car

Think City Electric Car - Oslo
Think City Electric Car

Think has been acquired recently by one of its investors, Russian businessman Boris Zingarevich, who plans to relaunch the company again.

Norway-based Think, which makes a small all-electric sedan, had filed for bankruptcy statement from Think, a court-appointed trustee picked Zingarevich as the winning bidder for Think's assets. That includes Think North America and Think U.K., which are separate entities and had not filed for bankruptcy.

The move creates a new Norway-based company called Electric Mobility Solutions and rescues Think from shutting down. The company said that it intends to restart production of the Think City electric town car in the first quarter of 2012.

Zingarevich, who has interests in timber and paper industry, is an investor in lithium ion battery maker Ener1, which itself was an investor in Think and supplied the battery packs for the Think City. Electric Mobility Solutions will work with Ener1 and Finnish auto manufacturer Valmet to produce the Think City.

Think combines new technology and Scandinavian design to give you practical and modern vehicles - emission free and three times as energy efficient as the cars used today.


Think Electric offer environmentally friendly vehicles, produced in our low carbon Norwegian factory. Porsche Consulting has helped us make this the most efficient small assembly plant in Europe. We know how to design electric cars – we started 17 years ago.

Think is proud to manufacture an electrical vehicle that meets all your expectations of a modern city car. The TH!NK cityis an emission free, safe, fun vehicle that is easy to drive. It is 100% electric, and meets all the safety requirements of a large car in both the European and US market.


TH!NK uses state-of-the-art batteries. We will not only provide, but also take care of the sophisticated technology that allows you to drive 180 km on a single charge. You only pay a monthly fee that works out less than you would have to pay at a petrol station. In other words, we take full responsibility for the battery if anything should happen – and we include several other key services in the monthly fee. We are your service partner, offering you carefree and clean mobility.

Think is not just a company, we are a community. We and our partners believe in sharing ideas and concepts. Think is a movement everyone can be a part of. This movement encompasses people and organisations who want to do something different. We want to “change the world – one car at a time”. The time for the modern and mature electrical vehicle is finally here.

Interview with TH!NK VP Jakob Alkil-Electric Cars and future


Think City Ox

Think - Ox Electric Car 5 seater

The TH!NK Ox is the latest concept development and the first designated 5-seater fully electric vehicle. 100% emission free, the TH!NK Ox project includes a unique EV platform suitable for a variety of different body styles

TH!NK Ox is a platform concept, designed for electric drive vehicles, for the European, North American and Asian market. It is the basis for a variety of vehicle styles, starting with the TH!NK Ox Crossover 5-seater. This is possible due to a space frame concept featuring the main crash structure and the batteries centrally placed in two compartments in the lower frame.

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