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Reva Electric Car
Reva The Electricity Car

Reva The Electricity Car - India
Reva Electric Car

REVA is a battery electric vehicle designed for low speed, congested, urban conditions and is classified as a quadricycle (category L7e) under UK and European law.

Reva is available in following territories UK, GERMANY, SPAIN, NORWAY, IRELAND, FRANCE & JAPAN, NEPAL, BHUTAN, and COSTA RICA..

Tel: + 91 80 40723999
Toll-Free: 1800 42 56789
Fax: + 91 80 41120956
Email: mrevarrp@mahindrareva.com

REVA is designed to be unique and stands out on the road as a genuine city car with a mature expression.


The advanced technologies used, make it highly differentiated and superior to other makes. It has all the inherent benefits of an Electric Car and is indeed a revelation in city mobility.

It is a fully automatic (no clutch - no gears), two-door hatchback, easily seats two adults and two children. A small turning radius of just 3.5 metres makes it easy to park and maneuver in difficult city traffic conditions.

Driving the REVA is easy. Just unplug after completing the charging process, turn the key, disengage the parking brake, and turn the control knob to the forward (or reverse) position. Accelerate and take off.

It runs on batteries and as compared to other Electric Vehicles has an onboard charger to facilitate easy charging which can be carried out by plugging into any 15 Amp socket at home or work. As simple as charging a mobile phone!

The onboard charger ensures the safety of the car in case of any voltage fluctuation or any electric spikes. The auto cut off mechanism ensures that the customer does not have to worry about overcharging or any other issues related to charging.



A full battery charge takes less than seven hours and gives a range of * 80km . In quick-charge mode (two-and-a-half hours) 80% charge is attained, good enough for 65km. A full charge consumes just about 9 units of electricity.

It is twice as efficient as a petrol driven vehicle and has an operating cost as low as 40 paise / km.
An intelligent "low battery' warning light and a fuel gauge allow easy estimation of driving range and ensure that the user is not stranded.

REVA requires extremely low maintenance because of the minimum number of moving parts.

From service point of view, advanced systems such as the two onboard computers and remote diagnostic capabilities (carried out with the help of a Palm PilotTM) enable quick vehicle analysis, prompt service and improve REVA's.

REVA has the best-in-class safety features like dent-proof ABS body panels, side-impact beams, a steel space frame and dual-braking system. This ensures minimum damage to the car and enhances protection to passengers in the event of a collision.

REVA is one of the most feature rich vehicles available in the market. Features like the Climate Control Seat (CCS™) and Remote Controlled A/C have been especially incorporated to improve passenger comfort at an affordable price.

Customers can choose from over 2000 shades and can customize their REVA by mixing 'n' matching these to add a personal touch. Body coloured bumpers and mirrors enhance REVA's esteem value.

A remote hatch release lever allows opening of the rear hatch without the need for stepping out; a rear foldable seat makes room for extra luggage and spacious map pockets increase range of storage options.

Elevated seats and a wide door provide excellent ingress/egress especially for ladies in saree and senior citizens.

The design methods and manufacturing philosophy used in REVA allow it to be manufactured cost effectively even at low volumes. REVA's modular design allows easy upgradation and absorption of next generation Electric Vehicle technologies.

REVA has been extensively tested and certified by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and received the EEC (European Economic Community) Certificate in December 2003, paving the way for an aggressive foray into European markets. Designed, marketed and used as a low speed urban commuter vehicle the Reva G-Wiz has a safety record second to none, with over 20 million miles / 32 million Km driven by customers globally and over 4,000 years of ownership with no reported serious injuries.

The export model in Europe is classified as a quadricycle (category L7e) under European law; it has received Full EU Type approval, which means it meets all European automotive mechanical and electrical standards governing emissions, safety and other relevant factors. The primary criteria for a quadricycle such as the REVA are weight (up to 400 kg unladen weight without batteries) and power output (maximum net power 15 kw)

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