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MDI various air cars available

Guess what the the other alternative to electric power is.... AIR, yes that's right compressed air.


The MDI car runs on AIR that can be ‘tanked’ by plugging it in at home, where a compressor fills it within four hours - or at a special air pump where this process will take only a few minutes.

Even by pushing the brake, the car will use its energy to fill a minicompressor.

The three air tanks will let you drive to 100 km/h = 62 mp/h. Of course there are other alternatives for the car - machines that run on solar power or on hydrogen, but the revolution was never this cheap: the Air Car will cost about 7.000 Euro / 9.500 Dollar.

The MiniFlowAIR is an urban and suburban 3-seater of 2, 65 meters long equipped with a large trunk.

The car is both useful and pleasant; it has been studied to provide maximum space.

Center driven, it offers great visibility and exceptional security.
A convertible version will be available soon after the .

The MiniFlowAIR will be in production a year after the CityFlowAIR.

A pilot-lot of 11 CityCATs 1 was manufactured for tests and development purposes.
The cars were also used to introduce MDI to the world.

When production starts, the CityCATs 1  will be replaced by the CityFlowAIR 2, a more drivable and comfortable version which keeps the original spirit of the CityFlowAIR 1.

They will be manufactured in the same factory as the MiniFlowAIR using an industrial method that renders it possible to maintain the price at a particularly competitive level. 

Flexible body, with more than 10 possible alternatives to the basic design. 
3 - 6-seaters depending on the version.

CityFlowAIR  is both a utility and a fun car. 
Being center driven, it offers six large seats and a big trunk (1200 dm3).

The utilitarian version can convey more than 3 m³ of goods in only 4.1 meters. 

The design of the dash board (in the form of an arch), allows extra space for the driver and the passengers.

The CityFlowAIR will be in production a year after the OneFlowAIR.

The MultiFlowAIR is a new urban public transport concept in the form of a train on wheels, comprising of a driver’s car and several wagons.

The MultiFlowAIR allows the use of energy in a more efficient manner as the wagons can be removed or added depending on the amount of passenger being carried. 

All the wagons are equipped with an MDI engine, a compressed air tank and have their own electric steering system.

They are controlled by wires and reproduce in an identical manner any change of direction made by the diver’s cars.

All the control panels: doors openings, lights, heaters, air conditioning systems etc will be situated in the driver’s car.

The nonpolluting technology developed by MDI for its cars will be used on the MultiFlowAIR.

The passenger MultiFlowAIR
As an urban public transport system the MultiFlowAIR has no competitors:

  • Zero pollution
  • Adaptable to the number of passengers travelling.
  • Economic
  • Cost efficient at purchase
  • No expensive infrastructure needed
  • Agile in road traffic

MultiFlowAIR could be leased by municipalities and used as an alternative to conventional buses in a very cost efficient way considering the price of fuel.

With the use of the MultiFlowAIR a totally free urban transport scheme could even be thought of thanks to the cost-effectiveness.
The operating cost can be easily covered by adverts on the vehicle and on inboard screens.

Air Car by Guy Negre on The Science Channel


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