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Myers Motors
Myers Motors

The Myers Motors No more Gas (NmG) personal electric vehicle helps you do all those things you always wanted to do, but were never given the chance to do, until now!   The NmG gives you the ability to:

Just say NO:
 to sending your money to support non-democratic regimes who fund activities aimed at undermining the American freedoms we enjoy,

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Dump the pump before the pump dumps you:  
Full-page ads placed by Chevron in major magazines in 2006 boldly proclaimed that  “The world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered” and “It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil.  We’ll use the next trillion in 30.”  Oil production in the US and in many other oil producing countries has pea ked.  Oil use has continued to grow.  Isn’t now the time to dump the pump … and develop a better alternative … before the pump runs dry and dumps you?    

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Venture Vehicles
Venture Vehicles

Venture Vehicles is dedicated to changing the world of personal transportation by creating a revolutionary new class of vehicles that is ultra-clean & efficient, safe and exhilarating to drive."

Together with a complement of world-class design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing partners, Venture Vehicles is developing the first in a line of ground-breaking, ultra high mileage, expressive transportation vehicles whose time has clearly come.

The Company’s first vehicle is a revolutionary, two-passenger, three-wheeled, tilting (articulating) vehicle, powered by a highly fuel efficient hybrid propulsion system that is targeted to deliver over 100 mpg, at over 100 mph, and extremely quick 0 to 60 acceleration.

Yet, it is designed and engineered to be priced affordably.

With a tilting cabin and one tilting wheel at the front and two non-tilting wheels at the rear, the VentureOne utilizes a proprietary Dynamic Vehicle Control system or DVC™ — patented technology licensed from Carver Engineering B.V., a Netherlands based engineering firm.

Zap Electric Vehicles
Zap Xebra Sedan

Xebra Sedan
Prepare yourself for a whole new driving experience. Xebra's do not attempt to behave like other vehicles. They are unique. They are quiet, yet agile. Imagine a world filled with silent Xebra's instead of noisy internal combustion engines.

The ZAP Xebra Sedan is the offspring of more than three decades of thought and evolution. This vehicle was created as a breed by itself. Because the use and purpose of electric vehicles are different than gas cars, the wheel did indeed need to be reinvented.

EarthDay 2007: ZAP! Electric Vehicles - The Plant Tour


No Tailpipe, just plug it in! Even after counting emissions from electric generating plants, Xebra Sedan's produce 98% fewer pollutants than gas cars. It's Electric! Laugh at high oil prices, in fact, forget about gas stations, oil spills, and fumes - forever! A Xebra Sedan's appetite is meager. And you can recharge it at any electrical outlet.

The fun, compact, and affordable electric vehicle.

  • Speed: Up to 40 mph (65 kmph)
  • Range: Up to 25 miles per charge (40km) *Up to 40 miles per day with opportunity charging; Energy to charge 4.75 kwh
  • Charger: Onboard 110 Volt AC
  • Motor: DC
  • Seating: Up to 4 (303 lbs.)
  • Battery: Lead Acid
  • Classification: 3 wheel motorcycle (Zero Emission Vehicle)
  • Dimensions: 10 Length (290 cm) x 4.66 Width (142 cm) x 5.05 Height (154 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 1,441 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: approx. 2,805 lbs
  • Options: Upgraded Radio/CD, Color, Leather Seats, Car Cover, Upgraded Batteries
  • Colors: Ocean Blue, Zebra Flash, Kiwi Green, and Lipstick Red

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