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Cammuter Electric Cars

Commuter Electric CarsThe revolutionary commuter vehicle that combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security and comfort of a high-performance sports car.

The Tango's ability to maneuver through traffic is second to none.

Like a motorcycle, it can change lanes to gain advantage in traffic better than any car in history. Unlike a motorcycle, it is safe, dry, climate controlled, and can securely carry a reasonable amount of cargo. Where lane splitting is permitted (i.e., driving between lanes of stopped or slow-moving traffic), such as California, Europe, and Asia, the advantage can be staggering. In extremely heavy traffic, a Tango or motorcycle can travel in 20 seconds the distance that cars travel in 20 minutes. read more - Commuter Electric Cars

Dynasty Electric Cars

Dynasty Electric CarsDynasty Electric Car Corporation designs, manufactures and markets zero emission, electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV's) for urban, recreational and light commercial markets such as planned and gated communities, destination resorts, industrial complexes and universities.

Dynasty's head office and manufacturing facility is located in Delta, B.C. Dynasty began the design of the IT line of electric LSV's in the fall of 1999, and produced the first Sedan model in April of 2001. read more - Commuter Electric Cars

Elbil Norge Electric Cars

DElbil Norge Electric CarsKewet Buddy aims to be one of the least expensive electric cars on the commercial market – with a satisfying performance for city use.

The design is based on easily available materials and practical solutions, with little emphasis on additional equipment and fancy extras. Less parts – less can break down.
The technological platform is well tested, which allows us to make slight modifications for improvements, and still be able to confirm that this is a very reliable electric vehicle made at a reasonable cost.

In 2005 the newly developed 6th generation of Kewet – the Buddy – received a homologation according to EC directives. Technology, as well as design, is developed in accordance with the many years of user-experience, both from private use and fleets, and from extreme coldness (Norway) to extremely hot weather (Thailand). read more - Elbil-Norge Electric Cars

Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Nissan Leaf Electric CarMeet the Nissan Leaf.  100% Electric Car. Zero Emissions.

Nissan Leaf is Nissan’s first zero-emission electric car, entering select markets in 2010 and launching globally, including Canada, in 2012. 

Don't confuse it with a hybrid or any other type of gas-powered, eco-friendly vehicle. This is electric – 100%. That means it burns zero gas and produces zero emissions. But this is no golf-cart.

Off the line, Nissan Leaf performs like a V6. Plus, there’s room for five, and it comes with all the quality, reliability and versatility you’ve come to expect from Nissan cars.

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • 100% electric – no gas required
  • Competitively priced
  • Speeds up to 140 km/hr
  • Five passengers, five doors
  • Advanced airbags, premium audio, Nissan navigation system, and more

Perhaps more important than the Leaf's top speed are its battery's charging characteristics. In this regard, the car's under-floor mounted assembly of 48 lithium ion modules (each laptop-sized module is comprised of four magazine-sized cells) offers a number of charging strategies.

To yield a full charge, a 200-volt, single-phase AC charger takes less than eight hours, and topping off the battery from a 100 volt single-phase standard home wall outlet will take somewhere around twice that time, so prospective Leafmakers would do well to get 220 volt hookup like their clothes dryer uses out in their garage.

read more - Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Reva Electric Cars

Reva Electric CarsREVA is a battery electric vehicle designed for low speed, congested, urban conditions and is classified as a quadricycle (category L7e) under UK and European law.

REVA is designed to be unique and stands out on the road as a genuine city car with a mature expression.

The advanced technologies used, make it highly differentiated and superior to other makes. It has all the inherent benefits of an Electric Car and is indeed a revelation in city mobility.

It is a fully automatic (no clutch - no gears), two-door hatchback, easily seats two adults and two children. A small turning radius of just 3.5 metres makes it easy to park and maneuver in difficult city traffic conditions. read more - Reva Electric Cars

Wheego All Electric

Wheego All ElectricATLANTA (July 15,  2010) – WHEEGO ELECTRIC CARS, manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, today announced it has appointed Jim Ellis Auto Dealerships as its dealer throughout the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

“We are headquartered here in Atlanta,” said Wheego President Jeff Boyd, “so we are very familiar with the reputation of the local dealerships. In Atlanta, the Jim Ellis name is synonymous with excellent business practices and top-notch customer service. We are very pleased that Jim Ellis has chosen Wheego Electric Cars as part of their portfolio as they launch Georgia’s preeminent Electric Vehicle dealership. “Wheego Electric Cars is about to beat all the major auto manufacturers to market with an affordable all-electric car,” said Jim Ellis Auto’s COO, Jimmy Ellis. “We will launch our EV initiative with the Wheego Whip LSV, a low-speed all-electric car that is particularly suitable to neighborhood driving and fleet usage. Customers can take the low-speed car for a test drive at our dealership in July and get a sense of the engineering, styling and overall quality of the Wheego brand… and, they can also reserve the first highway speed, crash tested, all electric car on the Wheego website for delivery beginning in September. When Wheego rolls out the highway version, called the LiFe, we’ll also have the car available at our dealership for our Atlanta area customers to test drive. It’s a great fit for anyone who commutes under 50 miles each way because you can drive the car 100 miles on a charge; and, then, just as easy as a cell phone, you can plug it in every night to recharge. You’ll zip right by the gas station every day. Plus, you can drive this car in the HOV lane in Georgia by yourself.” read more - Wheego All Electric

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Phoenix Electric Motorcars

Phoenix Electric MotorcarsSmooth, uninterrupted acceleration. Control in an instant. Feedback and information within arm's reach. Comfort surrounds the driver.

Carry anything needed for a day, a trip, an unexpected shopping spree. The Model S offers luxurious space, seating for five adults and two children, and a second cargo area under the hood.

- Seating for 7
- More cargo space than typical sedans
- Premium interior styling

Choose from one of three battery pack options to suit typical driving needs: 160, 230, or 300 miles per charge. Concerned with Range Anxiety? Like the Roadster, the Model S is engineered to plug into nearly any outlet, anywhere in the world. With the ability to recharge in 45 minutes, the car begs to be driven everywhere you want to go.

- 160, 230, or 300 mile range pack
- 45 minute QuickCharge

. read more - Tesla Motors

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