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Electric Vehicle Conversion Companies

Left Coast Electric

MakeMineElectric - Sebastopol, California, Make Mine Electric offers electric vehicle conversions starting at $20,000. These AC conversions include regenerative braking and give you the ability to travel at freeway speeds. The range on these cars is about 100 miles, and you can recharge your vehicle using a standard household outlet. Recharge time from a standard outlet is about eight hours. Mike Mine Electric can convert any car, even older and heavier classic vehicles. The time for the conversion varies, but most take about three months to complete.

Electro Automotive - No one can match Electro Automotive's experience with conversions. We're not some Johnny-come-lately startup. In the business for 30 years, we are the oldest electric conversion parts supplier. We've seen a lot of others come - and go. We've built conversions, driven them, raced them, and put more than 2,000 conversions on the road through our customers. In fact, we wrote the book on conversions - literally.

A123 Hymotion – Plug In Specialists, Watertown, MA - We partner with our customers to provide advanced lithium ion energy storage solutions that enable them to bring next-generation products to market. We provide advanced battery technology at the cell, module and system level, coupled with applications expertise to assist customers in integrating our batteries and energy storage systems into their products. We don’t just sell batteries – we provide the support and integration expertise to help your final product meet your performance requirements.

Luscious Garage – Hybrid Specialists – San Francisco, CA - Imagine a garage with the qualities of a hybrid, one that's intelligent, cutting-edge, and environmentally responsible. Then make it luscious: a beautiful facility, woman-owned and operated, conveniently located in downtown San Francisco. Introducing Luscious Garage.

Ampmobile Conversions LLC – Located in South Carolina, Ampmobile converts gasoline powered cars and trucks into totally electric vehicles. They have been working with and researching better batteries and more efficient ways to convert and use electric cars and trucks, with the goal to design and assist in motorcycle conversions in 2008. They also conduct mini-workshops for DIYers.

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd. – CEV was established in 1991 to convert internal combustion engine vehicles to electric power—including heavy-duty diesel truck conversions for the airline industry. In addition to selling conversion kits for many vehicles, they offer components for modifications and offer custom-build options. Their customers include governments, industrial companies and private individuals.

Electro Automotive – Located in Felton, CA, Electro Automotive was founded in 1979 as a single source for quality conversion components. According to their website, Electro Automotive "believes in electric vehicles built to live in the real world." They are all about EVs that are simple in design, easy-to-use, reliable, affordable and practical.

Electric Vehicles of America (EVA) - EVA provides free detailed calculations for specific all-electric applications, from industrial, on-road electric car or truck, off-road EV or boat. They also offer free technical papers on safety, batteries and conversion details, in addition to system design, supplier data and drawings, installation manuals and videos. Located in New Hampshire.

EV-Blue/Electric Blue – Based in Kansas, this company will convert any gasoline burner to electric—you supply the vehicle, they do the conversion. Their basic option includes a 144V battery and charger for $11,000. AC, heat and power steering are extra. Call or email for additional details.

Electric Vehicle Concepts – This Charleston, SC company provides components and conversion kits for all-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. They also provide technical support for electric propulsion systems. According to their website, a battery powered electric conversion using lead acid batteries costs less than $5,000, and depending upon the type and amount of batteries used, an all-electric vehicle can offer 50-80 mile range.

EV Source LLC - Located in Logan, UT, this company provides high-quality electric vehicle components to the high performance, high voltage EV conversion market. From speed controllers, fuses and breakers to assembling your own conversion kit, they know how to help you go all-electric.

Electric Vehicle Components and Systems / KTA Services, Inc .- Based in Ramona, CA, KTA provides components or complete kits to turn 2, 3 or 4-wheeled vehicles into clean all-electric machines. From amusement park rides to mowers and motorcycles, their components are powering over 1,160 electric creations.

A tiny shop in the middle of Kansas

Among the videos at the NBC News website, mostly of CEOs and political leaders, there is one video about a company that converts gas cars to run on electricity. This "tiny shop in the middle of Kansas," the NBC News reporter says, "turns out more purely electric cars than any other place in the U.S." The segment includes a 40-year-old black and white video from the Today Show, where the host says electric cars are nothing new, are not golf carts but real cars that operate on the streets. Lots of people are still trying to get that message out today.



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