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Cruising at 70 mph, the wind in your hair? That’s so Old School. Get Kurrent. Slow down, simplify. And, yeah, still have the power to turn heads wherever you go.

The Kurrent is the NV (neighborhood vehicle) that’s determined to define the category.


Designed in Italy and built in the US, it’s spunky, chic and just plain smart. The American interpretation of the European micro car.

Kurrent costs less than 2¢ per mile to operate. To charge it up, simply unplug your toaster and plug in Kurrent. Before you know it, you’re good to go.

Kurrent is a neighborhood vehicle (NV), which means it has four wheels and weighs less than 2500 lbs. It runs on the same standard electricity you use to operate your household appliances. Think of it as juice to go. Kurrent is not just a new car – it’s a whole new way to get where you’re going.

Based upon European micro car technology, Kurrent is actually the evolution of the motorcycle and not simply a refurbished golf cart. Micro cars have been driving the streets of Europe for more than ten years.

The average American drives 29 miles in a day. You can do much of that driving in your Kurrent while leaving the SUV parked in the garage. Don’t do it just for the admiring stares. Kurrent costs less than 2¢ per mile to operate – that’s five times less than a “fuel-efficient” SUV. In most states Kurrent is approved to drive on streets with posted speed limits of 35mph or less.

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